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Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by GiannisTheBest, Sep 6, 2020.

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  1. GiannisTheBest

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    Sep 18, 2016
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    You will prob know me as (GiannisTheBest)

    About you?
    Hello, my name is Giannis and i am 18 years old, i used to love building because it relaxed me and made me creative in ways that i made my self impressed from what i could achieve. Is been a few years since i played minecraft and the only thing that makes me go back to it is building.

    How long are you on ColdNetwork?
    Well i use to play on coldnetwork years ago and a lot of stuff happened so i stopped.

    Who or what inspired you??
    What always inspired was learning new things

    I am sorry that the pictures of the builds are really old is just that this was the last ones i took from my last work.
    Unfortunately i don't have any proof of the builds but i am sure you remember me building for your server and you know what i can do

    Why do you want to be a Builder on ColdNetwork?
    I use to build for this server, years ago and i can't lie i made some good friends but unfortunately i wasn't mature enough at the time and i made some wrong choices.
    Mostly i wanna come back because i had a great friend "Pengurino" who i did him wrong last time and i wanna make it up :)

    Why should we pick you to become a builder?
    I think i can be a great part of the team as a builder and as a player and someone that you can rely on to get the job done in time in the best quality
    I was a builder for 2 years and i feel like i am good on every topic other than modern builds.

    Do You Have Discord?
    Yes i do

    Do you Have TeamSpeak³ ?


    Depends on the days but i can be for 2 hours a day on for sure
    Yes i do have a lot of experience on being a builder, i stopped mostly because i stopped playing minecraft
    WorldEdit / Voxelsniper
    To be complete honest i dont remember much of the commands but they are not really hard to remember again in a few days on being on the build team if i get accepted i will know all of them as i have used them before

    This is something i wanna add to the application, and mostly goes to
    I hope you guys don't hold any grudges against me for what happened last time i can assure you this wont happen again as i matured now :) is been years since i talked to you guys and mostly i missed pengurino as he was a really good friend of mine, i hope i can work with you guys again, much love <3
  2. ItzOmri

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    Sep 18, 2016
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    Accepted. Add me on discord.
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