Information Speed HCF SOTW
Dear Cold Network,

Its been a while since we could not offer bug free fun SOTW for you guys. We are sorry for the past 2-3 HCF maps which were rushed. However, for this map we put effort on it and prepared some good stuff. Here is the information about the map;

SOTW Information
Speed HCF SOTW will take place this saturday (March 21st, 2019) at 4PM GMT+1. ( )
- 7 Man Factions, No Allies
- Protection 2, Sharpness 2, Power 5
- 10 Min KOTH Caps
- Conquest: 10 points per capture, -20 points if someone from your faction dies, 250 to cap conquest
- Blocking up in combat is enabled
- 2 hour SOTW Timer
- Drowning is allowed
- Suffocate trapping is not allowed (even if a person suffocate from their own pearl)
- World border is 1500x1500

Builder & Brewing GKit at SOTW
• Treecapper
• Auto-smelt ores
• Mining sand automatically gives glass (sand will be given in the builder kit as well)
• GKits can be used each day (24 hour cooldown)
• Remade /reclaim for both members and donators
• Conquest
• Scheduled KOTHs
• 10 minute deathban

• Reworked on crates ( added new stuff )
• New spawn
• Added new abilites into Gamble crate
- BedBomb
- Freeze Gun
- Grappling Hook
- KitePotion
- Rocket
- RottenEgg
- StickyWeb
- Switcheroo
• Custom Enchantments
-Glowing: Gives the user the Night Vision
-FireResistance: Gives the...
Speed HCF

So it took a long time but our team has been working very very hard on the new HCF maps and it is finally​
ready. It was worth the wait, this map will include the following

- Faction size: 6 Members

- Enchants:
Sharpness 3 Protection 3

- World border:

- Costume Enchants:
- Fire Resistance
- Experience

- GKits: Builder & Brewing available for everyone not only at SOTW

- KOTH: 7 times per week and each KOTH will be 15 minutes

- Commands:

- /meltsand

- /choptrees

- /SOTW Enable

New Features

- Cannot block up in combat
- Crate Keys are Fully Revamped
- ColdNetwork's own new special items
- BedBombs
- Cooldownbow
- FreezeBow
- GrapplingGun
- KitePotion
- Rocket
- RottenEgg
- StickyWeb
- Stormbreaker
- Switcheroo

Items In progress
(We take full credit for the next items and they are thought of from scratch)

Power Pearls
A normal Enderpearl but every time you pearl you get Strength I for 2 Seconds this will motivate players to try their best and land a good times agro pearl resulting in a possible quick drop if the other person isn’t watching their health

Ice berg
A clean Diamond sword when hitting someone with it, it will give them Slowness 2 for 3 Seconds there will be a cooldown on the effect giving the Cooldown should be 10 seconds When times correctly this item can be used to get a big combo on someone.

Mobile Bard
A spinning orb which you can place down and it gives you Resistance regen and Strength 2

Strength- for 2 Seconds

Resistance II- For 10...
Information New Forum Theme
Forum Theme

New Main Forum Theme "WinterDark" has been created and Released!

️New clean Design
️New Dark Theme
️New Logo
️New Borders for StaffMembers
️New Footer
And much more!
Dear Cold Network,

After the inconsistent updates for Practice we decided to switch back to seasonal system for Practice. From now on we will have 6 seasons in one year. ( Christmas, Winter, Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn ) We are releasing Winter season on 18th of January at 7 pm gmt+1 ( ) and the season will end in 28th of February. We will be having a good reward for global ELO at the end of the season which i prefer to keep it secret for now :) ( You better grind for it during season ). In addition to global ELO reward we will be having weekly competitions hosted by @ComboKira , yes him he is partnered with us during winter season! Also Zib will be playing/streaming on the server during season too. Here is the list of features we are going to have;

  • New event maps.
  • New maps for potpvp + gapple.
  • Weekly competitions.
  • Global elo competition.
  • Smoothing the KB.
  • Slowing the pot system.
  • Adding PotHit ladder back.
  • Few more features & bug fixes.

Cold Team
i'm sorry

I've made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement and I don't expect to be forgiven. I'm simply here to apologize(and host nominations).There's a lot of things I should have done differently, but I didn't, and for that from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. In 2019 i pretty much fucked up everything which i could fuck up but as one captain said, we learn from our mistakes.

But i'm here in 2020 and ready to launch 2019 nominations since nobody else was doing it because this community has had hard times.

You cannot vote for a member that hasn't been registered in the forums for whole 3 months. You are allowed to vote yourself for any of these nominations. If you do not know who to vote for please leave the field "N/A".

Most funniest 2019 user -

Best developer 2019 -

Most active 2019 user -

Best designer 2019 -

Most helpful staff member 2019 -

Best quote of 2019 (by who) -

Most active staff member 2019 -

Best SS'r 2019 -

Best reputation (your thoughts) 2019 -

Most toxic user 2019 -

Most creative user 2019 -

Most active YouTuber 2019 -

Most friendliest user 2019-

Also add what are your dreams for CN in 2020 and what you want to accomplish, or talk about mistakes that you made in 2019 and feel like apologizing about.

The nominations end in 31st January morning 10:00AM (GMT)

At the end of nominations the best will be selected with most votes and granted a prize tag with the nomination. (HD VERSION 2019 YEAR I PROMISE, selected users can choose how they want to see their tag no homo shit tho)
Hello everyone,

The next season of OPFACTIONS will be releasing on 27-12-2019 at 4PM CEST!

We did a remake of opfactions to mainly reduce lag and fix the TNT cannons.

This is a list of all the changes that we made for SEASON 2.0

- TNT cannon fix (now works in unloaded chunks)
- Added Looting 30 to 40 swords
- New spawn (2017 spawn)
- Added Ultimate Crate
- Configured 3 KOTH's
- Removed Endermite spawner (lag fix)
- Buffed Iron Golem Spawner
- Remade loot dropped by mobs + changed mob spawner prices
- New mob stacking system (lag fix)
- 10 lvl cap for spawners (from 100)
- GAMEMODE 1 for Donator+ rank (from sponsor)
- Added money and exp withdraw
- Remade /Coinflip
- Added 3x3x3 trench pick for starters
- Nerfed trench pickaxe max 15x15x15 (was 45x45x45)
- Mob health are nerfed for auto farmers
- Out of border = Instant dead
- Remade the payouts

& Some more small fixes

FTop rewards are now weekly instead of monthly
1st place: $50.00 buycraft
2nd place: $25.00 buycraft
3rd place: $10.00 buycraft
All rewards will be given to the faction owner.
Also the last payout will be paypal! (In case we earned enough donations out of the season)

The Factions rewards will change or will be removed if people dupe money or dupe illegal items that results in a f top balance change!

Spawn preview:

Hope we will see you on opfactions this friday!
Our server trailer will be linked on our discord server

Kind Regards,
ColdNetwork Staff team
Information Kit Map + SkyBlock
Hello Penguins,

Kit Map Christmas will be released on 22 December at 4pm GMT+1


Here is the info about Kit Map;

I actually have many unique features planned for Kit Map but we decided to postpone them to next update. With this update I want you all to focus the wonderful Christmas warzone rather than features :)

* Bug Fixes

* New Class: Santa

SkyBlock will be released on 21 December at 7pm GMT+1


Here is the info about SkyBlock;

* Its completely bug free. ( That is for real this season :p )

* Bosses and Boss Loot

* Quiz

* New Competitions

* New PvP Arena & Maps

* Few small changes about gameplay and the eco.


Cold Team.
Yo Penguins,

Competitions are part of this game and its so hard to win every single of them. However, Veltrix managed to win them all! Congratz.

PS: Next season post will be made in few hours & new competitions will be in too. Good Luck in advance :)

Competition Name:
King Of Skyblock

Goal: You and your squad must have the most leveled island on SkyBlock.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $30 Coupons on store ( Leader only )


Competition Name: Best Challenger

Goal: You must be the first one to complete all of challenges.

Ends on: Continiues until someone completes all of challenges.

Reward: $20 Coupons on store

Winner: Veltrix

Competition Name: Rich

Goal: You must the be the one who is at /baltop #1.

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $20 Coupons on store

Winner: Veltrix

Competition Name: Sky Expert

Goal: You and your squad must be at top of /is top

Ends on: Next skyblock reset

Reward: $30 Coupons on store

Winner: Veltrix


Cold Team
Hello Penguins,

Practice PvP will be released on 21 December at 4pm GMT+1



Here is the info about Practice PvP;

* Compilation of best maps ( Got some new ones too ) so far since its our 3rd year anniversary I wanted to put the best maps you guys loved. ( If you want any of the previous maps you liked added comment below with a screenshot and I will add them too )

* New Ladders -> Parkour, HCF, HitPot, Nexus.

* BuyCraft Update:

- Added new commands to those donator ranks;

Access to Premium Queue




/fly at lobby
/nick non colors

Gadgets at lobby
/flyspeed at lobby
/tournament host ( 5 hours cooldown )
/nick colors

PS: Some commands will be applied mid-season.

- Added tags to store.
Added tags like [Bestww] [Legend] etc. You can also donate for tag+ to get your own tag.

- Added keys to the store
By opening keys you can win tags, premium queue access, perks etc!

- Added tournament host voucher to the store!
With this voucher you can host tournament.

* Added new event maps.
PS: New party maps will be added mid-season.

* /List will show all the players that are online instead of like ''40 players online''

* Added Crate ( Premium )

* Perfected current events & made them funnier

* Added speed I effect to spleef.

* Added knockout to ranked queue

* From now on you wil be able to change your clan color if you reach a certain ELO.

* Optimized hit delay.

* Added a plugin that ends the match when someone is frozen.

* Competitions:

Competition Name: Best No Debuff
Start on: 21 December
Ends on: 28 December
Reward: 20 Euros Store Coupons....
Hello Penguins!

First of all Merry Christmas I have great news for you all :)

Starting with a shocking new which is: CRACKED USERS CAN NOW JOIN!! With this update network will be supporting both premium and cracked users. However, its a bit different than it used to be for cracked users. You wont be able to use the names that are taken by any premium user so we can call that Network will be %70 premium and %30 cracked. Instead you can take names like Pengurino1, Pengurino_ instead of Pengurino. With the aim of not having 999999999 steve or alex skinned players on the server we are bringing /skin back ^^.

About the Christmas update I can assure that we learned from our mistakes as a result we actually worked on every single game and created perfect gamemodes for you all. From now on we are going to be more proffessional server. Here is the info:

PS: Network will be whitelisted from 20th of December to 21th of December 4pm GMT+1
PS2: We will be having few youtubers on release and during Christmas update ( Ziblackingg, Tobiaz, Combokira, Zaydeh, VitaPvP Twitch & more! )
PS3: Cracked users will be able to join with the update ( 21 December )

--> If you reupload the trailer you will receive few keys on release and get high chance to win the giveaway we are going to host. ( We will be giving away few ranks! )



21 December: Practice PvP 4 pm gmt+1
21 December: Annihilation 7 pm gmt+1

22 December: Kit Map SOTW 4pm gmt+1
22 December: SkyBlock 7 pm gmt+1...
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