KitMap SOTW This Friday (2pm EST)

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    Welcome to another week of Kitmap! Here is everything you need to know regarding this weekend's SOTW, Kitmap Week 13. All new features, release dates, map information, and more can be found in this post. The new SOTW twitter giveaway will be posted 3 hours before each SOTW.

    KitMap Start Of The World

    This is everything you need to know regarding our KitMap SOTW!
    Top Donator of the Month and F-Top 1 get the first claims.
    Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    Duration: 1 Week
    Team Size: 15 Man, no allies
    Release Date: Friday at 2 PM EST (8:00 PM CEST/FR)


    F-Top Prizes

    #1 - €35 Buycraft + 1st Claim!
    #2 - €20 Buycraft
    #3 - €10 Buycraft
    Top Kills Prizes

    #1 - €20 Buycraft
    #2 - €15 Buycraft
    #3 - €5 Buycraft
    Player Top Prizes

    #1 - €25 Buycraft
    #2 - €15 Buycraft
    #3 - €5 Buycraft
    Throne Top Prizes

    #1 - €15 Buycraft
    #2 - €10 Buycraft
    #3 - €5 Buycraft

    FIXED - Killstreak Rewards - Killstreak Rewards have now been modified to remove items that weren't usable anymore and replaced with ones that are.

    UPDATED Schedule
    - Schedule updated to add new events to the list on Kitmap.​

    NEW NERFED MAP DIFFICULTY- This map will be a nerfed map meaning less items given out during keyalls and items purchased via the store will only be multiplied x2​

    NEW Brand New Spawn and Warzone - We have an entirely new warzone for you to compete in.

    NEW MOTW & MOTW V2 - MOTW will take place EVERY Saturday @ 11:00 AM EST, MOTW V2 will take place EVERY Sunday @ 11:00 AM EST.​


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    on everything that is happening with the server!

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    There is an ongoing 40% FLASH Sale for a limited time only.
    Also, Buy 1 Get x2 sale is active!

    -> Use Code "COLD" for an additional 5% off on the store!​
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