IMPORTANT Cold 3.0 Release.

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    Hello all,

    It has been a while since our last major update and that is due to fact we have been working hard the past few months to bring you our 3.0 Update. We have seen your suggestions and have removed and implemented the things we think will benefit the server, we have also implemented some new things of our own that we hope you will enjoy!

    We are currently in maintenance whilst we get everything ready for you all to come and join us but you will not have to wait long.

    We will be releasing Practice Season 3 on September 23rd 20:00PM CET.
    The following day on September 24th at 20:00PM CET we will be running the first map for our KitMap V3.
    Lastly on the 25th of September at 20:00PM CET we will release Anarchy Season 2.


    KitMap V3

    SOTW: Saturday 24th @ 20:00PM CET
    Faction Size: 5 Man, No Allies.
    Map Duration: 2 Weeks.
    F-Top Prize: $50 PayPal.

    [NEW] We have introduced a new rank "CUSTOM". This rank will give you new permissions and the ability to make your prefix whatever you desire (As long as the prefix abides by our rules).
    [NEW] Pets for you to grow and train by your side!
    [NEW] For our debut map we bring you a brand new canyon themed map! An entire new spawn and warzone and KOTHs for you all to enjoy.
    [NEW] Risk and Sexy Crate - We bring to you 2 new crates to help you dominate the opposition.
    [NEW] Divisions - We have added many divisions for you to grind to gain and be the highest division on the server.
    [ADDED] 2 New NPCs at spawn that showcase the most earned XP for an individual and for a faction.
    [CHANGED] Now you can use the soulbound enchant on your Armour however it is much harder to obtain now.
    [CHANGED] Alt limit has now been set to 3 so no one can abuse alts during key-alls.
    [REMOVED] Multiple ability items that you guys reported for making gameplay unfair.
    [FIXED] You can no longer use /hdv in event areas to bypass the restriction on /ah.

    This is the last map that we will run that has our current KitMap meta, stay tuned for the announcement about our brand new meta we will introduce.


    Release: 23rd September @ 20:00PM CET.

    [NEW] 3 Brand new game modes for you to come and play!
    [NEW] A Brand NEW spawn.
    [NEW] Statistic Updates to give you more info on your current stats whilst playing.
    [NEW] Play again paper to make it quicker and easier for you to requeue into a game.
    [NEW] We have worked on our knockback and hit registration to make your gameplay a lot smoother.
    [NEW] Many new maps have been adding to the following gamemodes; NoDebuff, Boxing, Sumo, Bridges, Bed Fight, SkyWars and BuildUHC!
    [FIXED] Inconsistent pearl damage.
    [FIXED] Water not turning into obsidian or cobblestone.

    With this update we have decided to give all players another chance with a Ban and Blacklist reset. We hope all past players have changed and will not get banned this time around :)

    We will have more updates coming in the future but for now we hope you enjoy 3.0 that we have been working on!​
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