IMPORTANT Kitmap SOTW this Friday (1PM EST)

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    Welcome to another week of Kitmap! Here is everything you need to know regarding this weekend's SOTW, Kitmap Week 10. All new features, release dates, map information, and more can be found in this post. The new SOTW twitter giveaway will be posted 3 hours before each SOTW.


    KitMap Start Of The World

    This is everything you need to know regarding our KitMap SOTW!
    Top Donator of the Month and F-Top 1 get the first claims.

    Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    Duration: 1 Week
    Team Size: 15 Man, no allies
    Release Date: Friday at 1 PM EST (7:00 PM CEST/FR)


    F-Top Prizes

    #1 - €50 Buycraft
    #2 - €35 Buycraft
    #3 - €20 Buycraft

    F-Top Raidable Prizes
    #1 - €35 Buycraft
    #2 - €20 Buycraft
    #3 - €10 Buycraft

    Top Kills Prizes
    #1 - €25 Buycraft
    #2 - €20 Buycraft
    #3 - €10 Buycraft

    Player Top Prizes
    #1 - €25 Buycraft
    #2 - €15 Buycraft
    #3 - €10 Buycraft

    Throne Top Prizes
    #1 - €20 Buycraft
    #2 - €10 Buycraft
    #3 - €5 Buycraft

    Top Build Prizes
    Theme: Summer
    #1 - €25 Buycraft
    #2 - €15 Buycraft
    #3 - €10 Buycraft


    FIXED Spring / MOTW ckit - Fixed ability items issue about not working when you receive them.

    FIXED Kit Editor - Now it will not reset every day on reset time.

    FIXED ClearLag - Now is set to a reasonable time.

    FIXED Factions above head - Factions now have been improved so you can see the faction name above players head without issues from now on.

    UPDATED Schedule - Schedule updated to add new events to the list on Kitmap.

    UPDATED Protection 3 and Sharpness 3 have been removed from the Cold and LBGTQ+ Crate and is now only obtainable via the Event Crate

    NEW OP MAP DIFFICULTY- This new op map style makes maps interesting for all players, having different abilities, fighting styles and much more.

    NEW /reclaim reset - Allows you to reset your reclaim with a rank 3 times during a map's time period.

    NEW /ckit - Everyone can obtain free OP gear to PvP (Only available for short time)

    NEW Corona Spring Map - Throwback map + bigger warzone

    NEW Switcher Stick - Switcher stick has not been reactivated on the network for the next map.

    NEW Overworld Citadel - Now we have 3 citadels which are nether, warzone and overworld.

    NEW Custom Enchant Crate - New Crate for custom Enchants on your items.

    NEW MOTW & MOTW V2 - MOTW will take place EVERY Saturday @ 11:00 AM EST, MOTW V2 will take place EVERY Sunday @ 11:00 AM EST.

    NEW Pride Crate - LGBTQ+ individuals are part of the world. In order to support their efforts to be normalized we have released their own crate, all donations will go to an organization to support LGBTQ+.


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