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    Unfair Advantage / Cheating
    Permanent IP-Ban

    Recording a ScreenShare
    30 Days IP-Ban

    Clearing files before an SS
    60 Days IP-Ban

    Unfair Mods/Clients [Allowed mods: Here]
    15 Days IP-Ban > Perm IP-Ban

    Using a Glitch (Block Glitching, Enderpearl glitch etc)
    Warn > 1 Day Ban

    Freezing MC (In Koths 3 - 5 - 7)
    3d Ban > 5d Ban > 7d Ban (all none ip)

    Abusing a major glitch (a glitch in the koth etc)
    7-30 Days IP-Ban Depending on the Severity

    Kill Boosting
    3 Days ban & Stats Reset

    Permanent IP-Ban

    Ping Spoofing
    30d IP-Ban

    Griefing (Building inappropriate things etc)
    7 Days ban

    Admit to Cheating / Illegal Mods / Illegal Clients (Not appealable).
    15 Days IP-Ban > 30 Days IP-Ban

    Posting and leaking pictures that are harmful against players (pictures attacking players) unless targetted player is fine with it.
    IP-Ban From all Platforms

    Ban evading (2+ Accounts banned, evading an IP ban)
    Perm IP-Ban

    Selling/Trading accounts (Minecraft, Website Accounts etc)
    Permanent IP-Ban

    [Practice] Camping
    Warn + Kick

    Ride Along (Giving hackers items//Joining in a grief//Taking ips from people that have it)
    15 Day Ban

    Refusing to ScreenShare
    60 Days IP-Ban

    Logging out while frozen
    60 Days IP-Ban

    Unable to SS (not able to download anydesk ect)
    15 Days IP-Ban

    Client / AutoClicker / VPN / etc found in SS
    NOTE: Using more than a single mouse to gain extra CPS is considered AutoClicking!
    NOTE 2: Double clicking to gain extra CPS is also not allowed.
    Permanent IP-Ban (Cannot Appeal)

    Abusing /Top (Get in base with /Top Command)
    1 Day Ban > 10 Day Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Holding Hostage (+5 min)
    Warn > 1 Day Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Kick and Kill (Kicking somebody and then killing)
    1 Day Ban

    [HCF] Abusing Ally (Un-allying and then killing allies)
    1 Day Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Leaving and Killing (Leaving a faction and then killing faction members.)
    1 Day Ban

    [Kitmap] Pistoning into Bases
    3 Day Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Deathban Evading (Evading a deathban e.g. finding glitches to prevent death.)
    1 Day Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Insiding (Stealing from/ Destroying a faction base , etc..)
    7 Days Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Stealing from subclaims using hoppers (Using hoppers to take items out of a privated area.)
    4 Days Ban

    [HCF] Allying (Teaming with an enemy faction to attack another enemy faction Not including solo factions or faction-less players). Trucing is when 2 people do not attack each other and do not help each other to target another player , which is allowed)
    1 Day Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Dtr Boosting (Having alt accounts in a faction for more DTR)
    3 Days Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Dtr loss Evading (Kicking someone to prevent losing Dtr or going raidable.)
    7 Day Ban and Faction set Raidable

    [Kitmap/HCF] Nether portal trapping (Trapping somebody in a nether portal.)
    7 Day Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Suffocation trap (Killing somebody with a suffocating trap.)
    1 Day Ban

    *NEW* [Kitmap/HCF] Drowing trap *NEW*
    1 Day Ban
    *NEW* [Kitmap/HCF] Not able to heal traps (levers, crafting tables ect) *NEW*
    1 Day Ban

    *NEW* [Kitmap] Kit glitching *NEW*
    Warn > 1 Day Ban

    [Kitmap/HCF] Reclaiming base once raidable (disbanding the faction and claiming in a new faction to get full dtr.)
    3 Day Ban for Leader and Faction set Raidable

    [Kitmap/HCF] PvP Timer Abuse
    3 Day Ban

    [SkyBlock] Scamming
    3 Days Ban

    [SkyBlock] Alting (Using multiple accounts to finish Quests/Challenges)
    7 Days IP-Ban

    [SkyBlock] Mining in /God
    12 Hours Ban

    [SkyBlock] Tp-Kill / Killing Members on you Island (Lava, Water, Trap etc)
    1 Day TempBan

    [SkyBlock] Griefing
    7 Days Ban

    [SkyBlock] Pvping with /God, /Speed etc
    1 Days Ban

    ⚠ If you got banned on 1 account (not IP), you're allowed to ban evade on 1 account. ⚠
    If that account gets banned, you will be Permanent IP-Banned on all your Accounts.

    Ban Evading an IP-Ban is not allowed!

    ⚠ Rules apply in all Chats (Global Chat, Faction Chat, Island Chat)
    *NEW* Racist faction // Sword names (includes any sort of advertisement)
    Verbal Warning > Warn > 30 Min ban + warn

    Spamming & Flooding [4 lines or more // 7 letters or more]
    15 Min mute + Warn > 1 Hour Mute + Warn

    Player Harassment
    1 Hour mute + Warn > 3 Hours mute + Warn > 1d Ban

    Extreme Toxicity
    3 Hours mute + Warn > 12 Hours Mute + Warning > 2 Days Ban

    Disrespecting (Players, Staff Members, Builders, etc)
    1 Hour Mute + Warn > 3 Hour Mute + Warn

    Homophobic Slurs (You're gay, Stupid fag, etc)
    2 Hour Mute + Warn > 4 Hour Mute + Warn

    Encouraging To Cheat (Use Vape, Use 7Clicker, etc)
    1 Hour Mute + Warn > 2 Hours Mute + Warn > 1 Week Ban (none ip)

    Posting harmful links (IP Loggers, Hacked Client links, et)
    Permanent IP-Ban

    Bypassing Filter [You're s*it, f*cking bridge, etc]
    30 Min Mute + Warn > 1 Hour Mute + Warn

    Server Disrespect
    15 Min Mute + Warn > 1 Hour Mute + Warn

    Suicide encouragement [Kys, Jump of a Bridge, etc]
    1 Hour Mute + Warn > 2 Hour Mute + Warn

    Death Threats [I’m gonna find and kill you, anything of this nature]
    2 Hour mute + Warn > 3 Hour mute + Warn

    Racial Slurs
    2 Hour mute + Warn > 4 Hour mute + Warn

    Advertising [Join this server! *********]
    Permanent IP-Ban

    Advertising Unofficial Discords
    15 Min mute + Warn > 30 Min Mute + Warn

    Advertising Youtube/Twitch [Check out my channel,]
    NOTE: You are allowed to advertise your content if it's related to CN!
    15 Min mute + Warn > 30 Min Mute

    Staff impersonation (Faction Tag, Tags, Nicknames etc)
    15 Min mute + Warn > 1 Hour mute + Warn

    DDOS Threats (even if a joke)
    Blacklist on all Platforms

    Encouraging players to spam the chat. (Guys lets spam "ColdNetwork" etc)
    4 Hour Mute > 1 Day Ban

    Leaking Private Information (even if a joke)

    Testing staff
    15 Min mute + Warn > 40 Mute + Warn

    Abusing any command
    Warn > Kick > 1 Day Ban

    Swearing with diseases
    1 Hour Mute + Warn > 2 Hour mute

    Annoying StaffMembers / Wasting time
    30 Min mute + Warn > 1 Hour Mute
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    27-10-2021 | Added Death Threats as a muteable offence
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