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    Official Suggestions Section

    [─────〄 Introduction 〄────]

    Hello ColdNetwork players. In the past couple of weeks, we saw that you guys are enjoying our practice game mode even more than before, that resulting in a bigger player-count, so I've decided to make this thread to help you guys free your imagination out and give your best ideas into making the practice game mode EVEN better!

    [─────〄 What can suggestions do to improve practice? 〄────]

    Well, we think that practice is one of our most important and played minigame on the entire server, so, suggestions would help our section to get even more players shortly. Another reason that we think suggestions might change the perspective of practice is that you guys can accommodate with a new feature, getting hyped about it, learning about it, and maybe, who knows, also bring your friends on here and show them something original that we have and other servers don't.

    [─────〄 Extra 〄 ─────]

    1) You guys might say "but alfay, no one is gonna put our suggestions in action and introducing them into the actual game"

    Well, it's up to your suggestions, do not forget that our owners are working every day into giving all of us the best performance, and, I am 100% sure they will look over the best suggestions here and add them if they think it would be better for the community. Do not forget we are ALL here for you guys and we care about you more than you could ever imagine. Without our community, we wouldn't be able to hit such a good player count every day, so, in return, we gotta offer something to you guys too!

    2)Ok, but how are you gonna deal with every suggestion if there will be many?

    Well, there is a plan to follow, every idea that I think should be discussed with the higher-ups/owners, I will reply with a , and If there's a suggestion that is not that good, I will reply with a . And after all of the suggestions were reviewed, I will make a list with the discussion ones and talk to them more with the higher-ups.

    [─────〄 Ending 〄 ─────]

    So yes, I am expecting you guys to be creative and give your 100% into helping our practice game mode to get better and better. Do not forget that I will review EVERY SINGLE SUGGESTION because the community is important and we want to give you guys the best gameplay!

    ~Kind Regards,

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