by Penguin_PvP at 4:06 PM
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Dear Cold Network,

We are releasing OP-Factions 2.0 at 7 p.m. GMT+1 today.

The new map features;

•Limited of 8 stacked armor so PvP does not take long (mcmmo will stay)
•New economy that will be challenging unlike the current economy
•/shop to help people build bases easily and so they do not need to warp shop for it
•Same in game ranks and donator ranks
•Endstone floor in end so raiding bases is possible in end
•New Koths
•New crate loots
•Daily rewards
& More!

The Cold Network Staff Team,
by Nick at 8:02 PM
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Dear Community,

We had KitMap just as an open beta server, it was a test for both KitMap 2.0 and HCF.

We are going to be making HCF so unfortunately we think it's time to say bye to kitmap.
We will probably revamp this in future, buildings, fixed kb, better bards, and some bug fixes.

Yours faithfully,

Nick & Staff Team
by Penguin_PvP at 10:38 AM
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Dear Coldnetwork,

We have an issue at the hub since 4 hours thats why you guys can not connect to the server. It will be fixed in few minutes. Our apologises.

The Cold Network Staff Team,

EDIT: Network is back up!
by RomanOG at 10:14 AM
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So, last week there are a lot of People trying to steal others minecraft accounts, I don't think anyone will want his account be stolen, so please follow these steps to prevent it:

The first and popular method that people use is making a server and calling people to join it, you just join it and register your password, it saves the password in their database file, if you have entered the same password like on other servers, he will jjst look at the database file and type that password on other servers. So to prevent this happen, Do not use the same password, I know its hard to remember some passwords and you may be lazy, but believe me it worth that!

The second method that people use, is sending you a link on forums, skype or even ingame. They ask you to fill the information, Do not fill the information, imediately close that link and even block him on skype, you can pm staff if you are scared about your account.

The third method people use to steal accounts is...
by Nick at 2:06 PM
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Dear Cold-Network,

Today we released Practice v1.5

What the update has to offer:
  • Fixed party duels
  • Fixed Kit Editor (Not all kits yet)
  • One new awesome arena (Made By _Excide)
  • Fixed some other bugs like not getting the lobby hot bar when leaving your party
  • Anti-Cheat BETA! This is a new AntiCheat, we will be testing this on practice and kitmap.
by Penguin_PvP at 12:42 PM
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Dear Cold Network,

We have updated our rules;


Rules helps server to save it from harm. If you dont follow rules you dont deserve to play on Cold Network.

Global Rules:

Player Disrespect -> 1/3 - 2/3 - 3/3 = 10 Minutes Mute + Warn

Admitting to hacks -> 1 day ban -> 3 day ban -> Perm ban

Staff Disrespect -> Insta 15 Minutes Mute + Warn -> 1 day ban.

DDoS threats -> 3 days ban -> 7 days ban -> Perm Ban

Hacking / illegal mods -> 2 Days ban -> 7 days ban -> Perm Ban.

Duping -> 2 days ban + Money Reset -> Perm IP Ban(Of course the dupe glitches will be fixed).

Suicide Encouragement -> 1/1 + 15 minutes mute + warn -> 2/1 + 1 day ban -> 3 Days ban.

Flooding Chat -> 1/3 - 2/3 - 3/3 = 15 Minutes Mute + Warn

Racist/Homophobic slurs/comments: /warn + 5 Minutes Jail

Impersonating staff: 1/1 - /warn + 10 Minutes Mute

Cobble monstering (Within 250...
by Penguin_PvP at 11:53 AM
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Dear Cold Network,

As many of you know we did a give away here is the results:

( http://coldnetwork.net/threads/youtuber-give-away-event.1097/ )

Op Factions --> mathematic Ender Dragon Rank!

Op Factions --> ProBlueDragonFT Iron Golem Rank!

Op SkyBlock --> GonzaaPvP Frozen Rank!

Op Skyblock --> PndemicDarien Endstone Rank!

Op Skyblock --> yousiftdm0770 Endstone Rank!

If you want this continiue leave a like ;)

The Cold Network Staff Team,
by Penguin_PvP at 11:36 AM
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Dear Cold Network,

We have decided to give '' Top Voters '' rewards;

1st --> January Key

2nd --> 15 Euros Coupon On Donation Store

3rd --> 10 Euros Coupon On Donation Store

4th --> 5 Euros Coupon On Donation Store

5th --> 1 Premium Key

Note: Winner will receive rewards by end of every month.

The Cold Network Staff Team,
by Nick at 9:52 PM
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Dear community of the cold-network,

We've made some small but changing updates here's a list with some info:

  • Helper rank: This rank will be given when your application has been put 'In Discussion' and then later in the staff meeting (Info about this below) accepted. This rank will be given and then after a week we decide if you can move on to trial-mod, or get to helper.
  • Staff meetings: This will happen every saturday (Might change), in here we will discuss private staff things, and we will vote on applications.
  • More information about more updates soon.
Yours faithfully,

Cold-Network staff team.