by Nick at 3:27 PM
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Dear Cold-Network,

Lately we've been busy with a bunch of things for coldnetwork so we had a 1 week pause time between map 4 and 5, we're sorry for that.

I just wanted to say that SOTW is tomorrow on 6pm GMT, 8pm amsterdam, and 12am EST so I mean before afternoon, not 12am night)

Here's the countdown! CLICK HERE

Yours faithfully,

by Nick at 10:16 PM
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Dear coldnetwork,

We've added PayGol to our webstore!
This accepts:
Payments through SMS and CALL
All banks around the world
Paysafecard (Coming soon hopefully, not in right now)
+ more!

We hope to get more donations to maintain the server through this!

Yours faithfully,

by Nick at 10:26 PM
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Tomorrow (Wednesday 31/05/2017) we're having a few hours downtime due to a host switch. This will happen in the morning! It will start at like 7AM in the morning! (GMT +2)
by Pengurino at 1:04 PM
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Dear Cold Network,

EOTW of HCF was yesterday and the SOTW will be on 3rd of June, so while you guys are waiting for HCF we decdied to revamp Kit Map with major changes.

Edit: It has been released!

Things are going to be added;

  • Supply Crates
  • KOTH Crate
  • In Game Ranks
  • Donator Ranks
  • Custom Potions
  • Shop ( for certain stuff )
  • New Anti Cheat
  • New Events + KOTH Schedule

Things are going to be changed;
  • Map
  • Traps
  • Vote Crate Loot
  • Spawn
  • Road
Here is the Kit Map V3 Trailer! ( Reupload = 3 Premium Keys on Release ! )

P.S: And many more small changes!

King Regards,

The Cold Network Staff Team.
by Nick at 7:17 PM
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Dear Cold-Network community,

To be honest I was really demotivated, I don't know why and how but I just kinda took a break from cold and started playing other games. I also had some things going on IRL but the biggest part about me being inactive was due demotivation.

Currently I'm way more motivated and will start working on gamemodes again, (OPSkyblock 4.0 was a start of it).

We will be updating and resetting KitMap, this will happen on one of our test servers so no downtime will be there for kitmap :). We will be adding more features, maybe ingameranks to have some goals and some kind of token system (if possible) where you can get the ingameranks and some other stuff!

Also HCF EOTW is tomorrow (friday) at 7PM GMT +2, sotw will be happening around a week later due preparations.

Also we have done so many bug fixes over the network in the last week, if you see any bug report them in the bug reports section!

Yours faithfully,

by Pengurino at 8:01 PM
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Dear Cold Network,

Many of you wanted this update so bad, we finally did the update!

Things has been changed;

  • /Warp End: We added End for free building and as a sub island. No world border so that means you can go to 99999999999999. ( PvP is enabled at end )
  • Fixed /challenges: Put the original challenges in.
  • /is coop: You can allow your friend to build in your island.
  • New in game ranks; Cold: $30.000.000 Ice: $50.000.000 Packed-Ice: $75.000.000 Cold-Warrior: $100.000.000 ( You can buy in game ranks with in game /money )
  • New Donator Rank! SkyOG.
  • Added stackable mobs.
  • Fixed Ender Staff kick bug. /warp GTAGuns
  • Added /warp SupplyCrates + New PvP Arena on it!
  • New Buy Craft: You can check new donator rank and buycraft: http://coldnetwork.net/store/ ( Made all keys sellable, added new rank, made certain perms buyable, made many in game stuff buyable and more! . )...
by Nick at 6:13 PM
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This is a quick thread saying we've fixed most of the bugs, like /ce and added /f top and some fixes.
We also noticed it being bugged today so we fixed it!
by Pengurino at 3:16 PM
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Dear Cold Network,

Hello Community,
We have decided to reset OP-Factions since many players got bored of old map.

Trailer (By @Danieltheworm) Reupload for 1 legendary key!

Edit; It will be released on 07/05/2017 4 pm GMT+2

Things are being changed:

  • Shop
  • Eco
  • Supply Crate Rewards
  • Crate Loot
  • Maps
  • In Game / Donator Rank perms/prices + New donator rank called Member+
  • Making certain commands buyable at store
  • Mcmmo
  • Block Durability of Bedrock/Endstone/Obsidian.
Things are being removed:
  • None

Things are being added:

  • Online Stats
  • New Events
  • New Competititons
  • New Commands
  • Chest Shop
  • One more donator rank
  • New /vote system
  • Allowing /msg ect in combat
  • Daily Rewards
  • New PvP Arena
  • Kill Streaks
  • Stacked Mobs
  • /pv ( not sure )
  • Upgradeable Spawners
PS: Please...
by Nick at 7:48 PM
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Dear Cold-Network community,

Penguin, Injured and me decided to be more friendly towards applications, that also means we need some more staff.

How-ever, we decided to add some new requirements as these things annoy us a lot if we notice some staff don't have them.
  • You must be over 15 years old!
  • You must have a working microphone!
  • You must be able to speak English properly.
And if you get staff, I'm just here to say we did enforce the staff rules and we are now demoting people 2 times faster as usual so please make sure to follow the staff-rules!

Yours faithfully,

by Pengurino at 7:14 PM
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Dear Cold Network,

Hello Community,
We have decided to reset OP-Skyblock since there is so many eco bugs.

Edit; Has been released!

Things are being changed:

  • Shop
  • Eco
  • Supply Crate Rewards
  • Gta Guns ( Keeping Ender Staff and Jetpack only )
  • /Quests
  • /Challences
  • Crate Rewards
  • SkyWars Maps
  • Token Shop
  • Cooldown to /hug command
  • In Game Rank Perms/Prices
  • Donator Rank Perms/Prices
  • /Bounty
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Fixing /redeem + nerfing mcmm
Things are being removed:
  • /warp GTA
  • Certain GTA Guns

Things are being added:

  • Online Stats
  • New Mini Games ( Tnt Run - Spleef )
  • New Events
  • New Cometititons
  • New Commands
  • Chest Shop
  • KOTH
  • Schematicks
  • One more donator rank
  • New /vote system
  • Custom Potions
  • /Warp Mine
  • Lucky Blocks
  • /Participles
  • Harambles
  • MilMan
  • Pro Recipes
  • Bars
  • Roulette
  • Rock Paper Scissors...