1. Hey Guest, I'm happy to announce that we exist for 1 year, we've launched a giveaway + started a 65% sale for a week!
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Dear penguins,

Today it's the one day of the year that it's my birthday!

I'm doing a 60% sale and a giveaway, the giveaway goes as following, comment your IGN down below (if you don't, you're out) and I will choose pick 3 winners and the winner gets 25Euros coupon :)

Hope you all stay safe,

Dear Penguins,

I wanted to inform about a new thing we're adding to the webstore.

Every top donator of the month, gets a 25Euro coupon code this is given at the end of every month, and every top donator of the year gets a 100Euro coupon code, this will be given at the end of the year.

Yours faithfully,

IMPORTANT Huge staff update!
Dear Cold-Network,

I did some big staff changes to clear out the staff team from inactive people, also rewarded the active staff with a promotion.

Here's the list:



osich > senior-mod
byeton > senior-mod
nikkita > senior-mod
Rezar > head-mod
Mahdi717 > head-mod
skippi99r > head-mod
BAUM_xD > admin
InjectVape > senior-admin

I'll also be accepting more people soon!

Yours faithfully,

INFO KitMap 1.5
Dear Penguins,

We were originally on KitMap v3 but I'm just gonna name the current KitMap v1 so we can start over :p
(I will call this update KitMap 1.5)

In this update we'll change the following things:
- Replacing our 2 economies with 1 economy which is the one used for /f d all etc, and we're adding a new system with tokens (Gold nuggets) which you achieve by killing people.
- As I said we're adding tokens, which you can use to buy ingameranks, and more stuff (please suggest stuff in the comments for this)
- Changing the mechanics and core, we're using the one from hcf to fix a lot of bugs like unbreaking not working, and a lot of other stuff.
- We're adding custom potions (through the tokens system)
- New ingameranks, with some perks actually xD.
- New good looking warzone (The one before current kitmap which you guys liked, but changed alot)
- New spawn
- New shop, with potion brew stuff so you have to brew yourself now :p
- An actual working koth schedule with 2 koths everyday!
- Testing new anticheat
- And more!

Yours faithfully,

Hello everyone!

We were suppose to have KOTH schedules after a week since SOTW but unfortunately Nick went on vacation and he couldn't make a KOTH schedule , But since he found the time to do it I am here to share the schedule with you!

Saturday : Koths at 5PM GMT+2 (10AM EST) & 7PM GMT+2 (12AM EST)
Sunday : Koth at 7PM GMT+2 (12AM EST)
Tuesday : Koth at 7PM GMT+2 (12AM EST)
Thursday : Koth at 7PM GMT+2 (12AM EST)
Friday : Koth at 7PM GMT+2 (12AM EST)

Basically its once everyday but on Saturdays its twice a day as you can see , If you have any questions leave a reply and I'll answer them

Thank you!
As this is the first changelog here is why: I'm gonna inform you guys from now to show you what bugs we fixed and things like that so you guys know when you can safely play hcf for example without having a player with godmode (which is fixed obviously xD), also as I'm on vacation I'm only stating big things we've done.

* Tested new HCF server setup
* Fixed enderpearls on hcf
* Fixed most phasing in hcf
* Fixed teleportation issues in hcf (/f home, /f stuck etc)
* Fixed the world not rendering in hcf
* Fixed the deathban times in hcf, also updated in store
* Fixed the godmode bug
* Fixed skyblock block duping
* Made a start on SkyBlock and the KitMap update!
(Probably more but forgot as I'm chilling on my vacation!)

* Tried 3 new methods for the spam bots, they seem not to work very well.
* Removed staff tab and added it to members
* Added punishment appeal rules
* Added icons to the forum topics
(Probably more but forgot as I'm chilling on my vacation!)
INFO My absence
Dear community,

I have bad news but also good news,

Bad news: I'm on vacation for the next week exactly from now, I will be on my laptop sometimes a day when there's nothing to do here tho, as I said I have my laptop and a harddrive with tons of backups and other files, for if things go wrong when I'm gone.

Good news: We've got a pretty big schedule for when I'm back, we'll firstly revamp kitmap like in the first days when im back completely, new plugins, new mechanics. Which will solve bugs like f stuck, unbreaking that doesnt work and more.
After that we'll probably revamp opskyblock to skyblock maybe within a week depends on how much work it all is, then we'll be working on either opfactions or factions.

Practice 2.0 is kinda unknown I want the bots to get fixed first by the dev.

Hope you all stay safe,

Dear Cold Network,

Hereby I'm announcing that we'll be releasing Skyblock soon. We had a voting about it and skyblock won. ( http://coldnetwork.net/threads/skyblock-or-op-skyblock.8709/page-4#post-43310 ) So I made this thread to announce that we will be releasing skyblock and we need suggestions about it. You can suggest your ideas down there. I'll reply all of suggestions and create 3/3 thread 1 week later. ( Includicing reset date / things that is going to be in it etc )

King Regards,
IMPORTANT Practice 2.0
Dear ColdNetwork,

I will be shutting down Practice 2.0 for now. I will fix the reach bug (which is also in practice1/kitmap) and replace all maps with fps friendly and probably nice flat maps.

After that I'm gonna shutdown practice 1.0 for real.

Yours faithfully,

Dear Cold Network,

As it has been shared to you before we are planning to reset Op-Skyblock, but this time we want to turn Op-Skyblock into Normal Skyblock ( Many network players suggested it ) so I am making this post to make it fair and get information about that the community wants. Please vote which gamemode you want with next map.

VOTE HERE: http://coldnetwork.net/threads/skyblock-or-op-skyblock.8709/

1- Normal Skyblock
2- OP-Skyblock

Ps: I'll make 2 more posts about Skyblock server.

King Regards,